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Casey Prince

Real Estate Business Consultant and Marketer

Who I am.

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My earliest memories involve art, design, & creativity. I was the little girl who wanted an easel & paints instead of dolls. I went to fashion design and ceramics camp & the only awards I won in school were for art or writing. I loved ballet & drawing & I wished every class was art class.

As an adult I've moved through a variety of careers, & at the heart of everything I do are 2 things, connection with people & creativity. My heart is for empowering others and I love nothing more than when I get to do that through creativity, design, & building systems that enable others to flourish.

I'm a wife, a mom, & an advocate for young people. I love mentoring & setting others up to succeed. At the core of everything I do is a desire to help others achieve their dreams & feel loved. I'm thankful every day that I get to use my love of design & creativity to empower others.


I strive to live by my favorite quote, "Powerful women don't compete. Powerful women empower." -Jennie Allen 



How to Connect






Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon. - Casey

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